Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back on the hook

And hopefully back into blogging. So many things have just got in the way, like life maybe?

It's school holidays here at the moment and we have all been sick, yuck. Seems like everyone in Melbourne is at the moment. Sewing at the machine while I'm sick usually spells disaster, so I've picked up the hook again.

I've been eying off Planet June crochet patterns for ages, waiting for the right time. Well the right time came so I bought and made a few! Here they are.

First up a few of her free tutorials, just to make sure I wanted to start again and my fingers would cope. So I made the baby whale, apple and pear. These are now sitting on my desk at work.

By the time I'd finished the pear I was hooked (get it!!) again so I bought a set of dino patterns and the lemmings pattern.

Baby dino
Baby Brachy
Baby Stegy
Baby Stegy
Oh no! Lemmings
Oh no! Lemmings
I've also been playing with a few photo editors for the iPad and iPhone. Haven't found my "look" yet. It's all flickers fault, I had a look, oh well.

I think another reason I haven't been blogging is I've been having trouble loading the pics from my camera onto the big computer, so I've been iPhoning all my pics. I guess its a certain look, just haven't found one I like yet.

I've got one dino left to make in the set. AJ has already put an order in for a T-rex! He wants a bucket full of dinosaurs!!

Well hopefully this will be the start of blogging again. You can always find me over at Ditto Crafts too.

Happy Hooking



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