Friday, June 17, 2016

New Instagram

I've started up a new Instagram account.
Instagram @mandykt_made
Now I can stop spamming my family with craft stuff and let people who want to see my craft see it and interact with me. Yay. So if you're on Instagram come and follow me @mandykt_made. :-)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Back on the hook

It's cold again. Which means the hooks have come out.

First up this year is a shrug. Planned on making it for me. Ended up too small so I gifted it to my niece. Doesn't matter if I make a swatch test. I'm just a tight crocheter. 
Circle vest shrug
So I reckon I'll stick to shawls and amigurumi. 
Circle vest shrug
Looks really good on her. 
Circle vest shrug 

Check out my ravelry page for pattern info.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our fairy garden

I had so much fun with Little O today. We decided to make a fairy garden.
Our Fairy Garden
Something on the to do list for a while so it was great to finally make one. 
Giant tea cup
We found a giant tea cup at the local garden shop. Not girly, big bonus. Little O picked most of the plants and found the water frog. There wasn't anything to buy for a fairy garden - probably a plus. We had a few succulents that needed to be replanted so didn't go overboard. We also had a few items that he'd collected on holiday recently he wanted to use. 
Succulents outgrown pot
Now all it needs is some handmade touches. Luckily I'm a champagne drinker so my cork tops came in handy. 
A finishing touch
Great project for kids to get involved in and if you're short of time. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Making of a different kind

Little O is fascinated with how the water droplet stays

I'm not known for my green thumb. In fact black thumb is a better description!! Then I discovered succulents, and not of the crochet variety. One plant type that doesn't seem to curl up and die when it sees me coming. So it would have been quite a shock to some to see me pottering around the garden on the weekend.

Teapot planter

I bought these succulents a few months back with grand ideas for a succulent garden. Well they just sat in their pots, not dying. Then a few weeks ago we went camping and discovered our kettles lid was unusable, like another in our shed, so brain wave!! Re-purposed into flower pots. It was a nice relaxing afternoon and I hope to do more of it. 

What I aspire too

This is a mini garden my green thumb sister made me. Still going strong 😀. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The year of garment making

I've decided that this is the year to get back into garment making. I stumbled across this book in the local library:
The beginners guide to dress making. Well I'm not a beginner but I needed something to get me back into it. 
So I declared 2016 is the year of the garment. My goal is to make 12 items for myself!!
January kicked off well with the t-shirt from the book:

Fits really nice at the top half. My mummy tummy needs a bit of work for the bottom half!! Another goal for this year. 


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