Friday, December 27, 2013

Messenger Bags for my Nieces

I love a handmade Christmas. I think this year has been one of the biggest handmade Christmas's we have had in a long time, not just me giving handmade but others too. Understanding it doesn't have to be them making something either, just as long as someone has handmade the item.

One of the handmade times were these messenger bags I made for my Nieces. I knew they were getting a hand held tablet thingy, so I made cases for them. Not knowing exactly what they were and going by the dimensions only, I was a bit worried they weren't going to fit. But they fitted perfectly.

It's a handmade Christmas
Messenger Bags
I wanted them to be really padded to protect the tablet. If I was to make these again with a lot of padding, I would make the inside slightly smaller or use a larger seam allowance. It ended up being slightly bulky at the base and hard to push the corners out. It worked out fine in the end. The added padding also made the flap shorter.

Small Messenger Bag
With the flap up
I love this front pocket, there is also one inside to put extra games or toys into.

Small Messenger Bag
View from the back
The back is super cute too
Small Messenger Bag
The back with the flap open
The flap opens all the way back so it's really easy for them to put everything in the bag.

Small Messenger Bag
Ready to be gifted
If you would like to make one of these bags head over to Michelle Patterns. You will need the Messenger Bag pattern and also the Just Pattern Pieces, for the extra smaller sizes. Happy sewing, if you do make one please let me know. I love to see all the different varieties people make.

How was your handmade Christmas?

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