Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A giveaway...

....but not from me!!

Margaret over at Konstant Kaos is having a giveaway of a very cute patchwork book which I want (hint hint). Pop over there and have a go at winning yourself.

I'm off to Perth for a week, yay. I have been making this week and will have some shots to show you on my return.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Vote for Cam

Cam of Curly Pops has been nominated for Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards 2011, yay, so pop over to her blog and follow the links and go and vote for her. There are other categories you have to vote for too and I hadn't heard of most of the chicks in them (guess I should read Cosmo!!) so they got a pot luck vote, the singers were the hardest to pick, there are a lot of ace chicks out there at the moment. Best of luck Cam.


Finally Finished

Niah's quilt

Finally it's finished! I started this quilt a year ago when my niece was born, and she would have received it not long after that but unfortunately a whole lot of stuff got in the way. First my machine started doing it's horrible missing stitches thing, then I got pregnant and lost all desire to craft. The pattern is from a free tutorial by Oh Fransonn! on the sew mama sew blog.

Niah's quilt

I straight line quilted down the solid strips, not really worrying about it being exact (i like the look) then shadow quilted along each of the charm squares. The quilting was all working until I got to the shadow quilting then my machine decided that skipping stitches would be a good idea. I've had it serviced but it still seems to be happening. Could it have something to do with my walking foot? I pushed on and got it finished just in time for Niah's 1st birthday. I love the funky monkey fabric, I have some left over and I'm just working out what I can make with it next.

I loved this pattern it was so easy to follow and came together so quickly. After machine quilting this one I'm looking forward to hand quilting my next, I have ideas of what that will be, something on the lines of aussie designer Kate Conklin. But I should finish this quilt first!! I just have to find where I put it. I've claimed a corner of the lounge room now as a sewing space but all of my sewing "stuff" is still a bit everywhere.


First 4 months of Melly and Me's Once Upon a Time BOM

This is a project I've been working on since May last year, I started the first one at SIT. I've been slowly making my way through the stitcheries, these are the first 4, I'm working on month 7 at the moment. I was convinced I was having a girl so really wanted to get the whole quilt finished. When I found out I was having a boy I didn't slow down but I did try and make it more masculine, working with different colours etc but it still looks like a quilt for a little girl. Oh well, I will just have to complete it for me. It was a good project to work on while pregnant, I had just started month 7 when I went into labour!!

Back soon with a completed project, shock horror!!



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