Monday, December 8, 2014

Construction time

Days 16-24. It's a #handmadechristmas 🎄. Construction time 😀
Mice bits

It's mice construction time. I think it will be cool enough this evening for a bit of hand sewing. I would like for them to be finished by the end of the week but I always under estimate the time it takes to sew amigurumi together!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Time for some sewing

All cut out

It was too hot on Monday to do any crocheting so I thought I'd make a start on AJ's Christmas present. He's getting it early as he needs it for his dance concerts this weekend. Couldn't stand him carrying around a supermarket green bag with his dance stuff in it anymore!! So we both dug deep in the pattern pile and he chose I Think Sew's Katie Boston bag. I love how he can see a pattern and be able to project his own take on it, doesn't just look at it and see a girls bag because of the fabric used in the pattern. Yay!

Nearly finished

Just need to add the bias binding to the inside and I'm done! Think I might also add a base. I used thick fabric and interfaced but it needs more structure. Perfect size for him this year, I'm just grateful he's doing hip hop and doesn't need a tu tu!! Some of the bags the girls were dragging into dress rehearsal were enormous!


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