Friday, January 27, 2012

Camera Case Wristlet

originally uploaded by MandyMade.

I've gone a bit crazy buying Keyka Lou's pattern's lately. Last week I bought this one, the Camera Case Wristlet. It came together quickly, but I am use to her patterns now and a lot of the construction is the same. This one will be gifted and I can see quite a few being made this year, either for gifts or to sell. I'm very glad I bought it. Can't wait to try out her latest pattern but have a few other things to sew before then.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not-so-big Backpack

I needed to make a backpack for Little O for childcare...

Not-So-Big Backpack
Not-so-big backpack pattern by Melissa Frantz
from Stitch Magazine Fall 2010 issue. I did!!

I used a pattern in Stitch Magazine's Fall 2010 issue.

Not-So-Big Backpack - inside

It was very easy to follow. The pattern didn't have a lining or base but I added them in anyway. I don't like exposed seems, maybe that's why I haven't got into clothes making!!

Not-So-Big Backpack - from the back

This is the back. When I was making the back I had a look on the web for photos as there wasn't any in the pattern and I was finding it hard to picture it in my head how do it. I had trouble finding any, so here is mine. It worked out fine, don't know what I was worried about!

Not-So-Big Backpack - from the side
Side view

Hmm, you may notice the zip. I made the mistake of buying a zip that went all the way to the tape at the end and then had a huge gap at the pull end. So there is a gap. I may get tricky yet and sew something over it.

Not-So-Big Backpack - front pocket
The pocket

I love the pocket. The pattern doesn't call for it but I lined it, couldn't help myself.

Not-So-Big Backpack - taste test
Taste test
And last but not least, the taste test. It got his approval. The bag ended up bigger than I thought it would. Perfect size for childcare and visiting friends.

I'm really happy with it. All up it took about a day, but would probably be less made in one sewing session without distractions.

I used a fat quarter for the pockets and straps with a little bit over and the jeans are an old pair of the hubby's.

I'll be back into purse making this week. I've been buying more of Keyka Lou's patterns. Just bought the brand new one. Couldn't help myself!!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scrap Basket

Scrap Basket, originally uploaded by MandyMade.

Getting out of control!! I feel a scrappy project coming on. Ideas?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to work

You know, the work that actually pays you for doing something!! It's been just over a year, it had to happen one day. The time has just flown. With going back to work Little O had to start childcare, and you can't do that without a spiffy new hat. So I knocked up this one.

New Bucket Hat for Little O
Little O's childcare hat

I love that I can do that now, something is needed, whip it up, yay. I used Nikki's kids hat pattern, he's grown out of the baby hat :-(. I used Kid's Hat Size small, second size brim, brim without binding. I didn't even need to follow the instructions as I went, I've made so many of the baby hat now I just made it like the baby hat, yay.

New Bucket Hat for Little O
From the top

I wanted to make some shoes to match but didn't have enough fabric left over, might still make some patchy ones. I'm in the process of making him a backpack but haven't quite got that finished yet.

I'm only working 2 days a week at the moment. I started back on Monday. It was strange going back and I remembered a lot more than I thought I would (I program a bit). It didn't all fall out of my head this time.

Can't wait for school to go back now to keep the other one occupied. It's now got hot in Melbourne, the I'm too tired and hot to do anything kinda hot.

I also made these pleated pouches to go in the Ditto Crafts MadeIt shop.

Large and Tall Pleated Pouches
Pleated pouches Pattern by Keyka Lou
What a week.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's monster making time

It's school holidays here, in cold wet Melbourne, and keeping the eldest entertained has been a challenge. Santa gave him a Mutant Monster kit, so we opened it up yesterday for his "experiment". It was more of an experiment in his patients!!

AJ and his Mutant Monster
AJ and his Mutant Monster

You put a cardboard monster together. It's covered in some kind of chemical I guess. Then you sit it in the dish, put the secret liquid in the bottom then wait.

AJ's Mutant monster - crystals growing
AJ's Mutant monster - crystals growing after 10 hours

And wait.
AJ's Mutant monster - crystals growing after 24 hours
AJ's Mutant monster - crystals growing after 24 hours

And wait.

He wants to collect them all!! Not sure what happens now, I guess we wait some more.

I have decided from now on, as "Little A" is nearly 7, I have decided, for the purpose of this blog, to now call him by his initials, AJ, just in case you were wondering where this AJ came from!! Little O will still be known as such ;-).

How are you dealing with the wet cold school holidays? Personally I prefer this weather but can't kick the boy outside for some much needed running around.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The missing projects

Well not missing exactly just from this blog. I missed writing about a few of the projects I've been making, for either friends, family or for Ditto Crafts. I thought about writing individual posts for each but, nah. So here goes.

Captain America
Little A as Captain America

My eldest did drama last year once a week. At the end of the year he had a performance and his class performed a play "Class for Superheroes". He got to pick whichever superhero he wanted to be so he picked Captain America. The movie wasn't all that big here so I didn't know where he knew him from but found out he's in one of the cartoons he watches. I thought a costume would be no problem, especially with a movie out. Nope, nowhere, couldn't find anything so I had to improvise, and in an afternoon I came up with this. (and no the shoes on the wrong feet were not my idea!!) He did a fantastic job and delivered his lines when he should, we were very proud.

Captain America

This was the first time I appliqu├ęd onto a t-shirt, I'll be doing more of that!! Easy, don't know what I was afraid of. I made the belt separate but ended up using hemming web to attach it to the t-shirt. The pants are from his superman costume and the arm bands are old socks with the toes cut out. The hat is his winter hat and I just tacked some felt wings and an A onto it. It was soooo hot that day I was surprised he wore it. The shield I made of cardboard stuck onto a toy box lid! The entire outfit is now in the dress up box. I may need to make him a new hat this winter!

Colouring Folio
Colouring Folios

A friend of mine liked the colouring folio I made in this post and asked if I could make some for her girls. These are the result.

Colouring Folio
Colouring Folios Inside
Again I made up the pattern, this time making it a bit smaller than last time. I think this is the perfect size. You can see by the handles that I was still making it up as I was making them. Nothing like uniqueness. I'll be making a few more for her, this time for boys.

Teachers Gift 2011
Teachers gift 2011, Notepad organiser

This was a bit of a last minute gift. I had no idea what to make Little A's teacher. Then I saw that Leah had made up a note pad organiser and thought it would be perfect for his teacher. I used this tutorial.

Teachers Gift 2011
Notepad organiser, inside

I got Little A to draw a picture of his teacher and I stuck it onto a notepad. She's getting married this year so there was nothing like shameless self promotion and a nudge for her to have some handmade somethings at her wedding, I popped my card in!! I was happy with the result but could not get the white background uncreased. I was tempted to keep this one and make her another, alas no time, plus I have more fabric ;-).
Tall Pleated Pouch - in Jane Green
Tall pleated pouch - in "Jane green"

This is the last one I promise. A few months ago my uncle was telling me that his wife had lost her phone pouch, and it was in her favourite green, I can whip one up for her, I said. Well next time I saw him I took all my green fabric with me, I was surprised at how much I had. Lucky for both of us I had "Jane green" and this little pouch was born. She loved it. I love it when a project comes together like this, especially when they are secret projects.

We're there any that I missed?

Now for some new projects. I need to work out a balance now between sewing for me and for Ditto Crafts and I'm returning to work next week after a year at home, that's going to be a bit of a shock. At least I'll be able to get some crochet in on the train trips.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Brown paper packages tied up with string

The Christmas post. I know a bit late. I've been tied up!! We had an interesting Christmas day. Those who live in Melbourne will know what I'm talking about. It was warm and humid, we dashed to my parents (only 5 min drive) in-between down pours. We'd finished lunch and were all laying about with full tummies then the rain started again, then big heavy rain, then hail stones, then hail stones the size of golf balls!! It was so loud we couldn't speak to each other inside, then the mad dash around the house to make sure no water was getting in. We had waterfalls on either side of the house and then it started coming in through my old bedroom. A few things got damp, could have been a lot worse. We found out later that our area was the worst hit, the main street was flooded and the flood basin we live next to was full, never seen that before. It was eventful and one we will always remember. We're just really lucky we didn't have to travel to another house for dinner.

Then we had a white Christmas

I didn't get many handmade gifts finished this year, oh well.

I did manage to make us all stockings though, and I have some placemats underway, now for next year!!
  Christmas Stockings

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A year in Review 2011

Wow, what a year. I've never sewn so much in my life. Might of helped that I was home and that my baby is a sleeper. So here goes. I've made mosaics so the post isn't too photo heavy.

Review 2011 - Part 1
From Jan - Sep

Review 2011 - Part 2
From Sep - Oct

Review 2011 - Part 3
From Oct - Dec
Wow, you can really see my photography style change when you list them like this.

Yep, just a bit. And to top it all off I'm going to list them!!
  • Softies - 4
  • Baby - 1 (he he, had to add him)
  • Baby quilt - 1
  • Make-up Purse - 1
  • Crochet Hook Case - 1
  • Stepping Stones Pillow - 2
  • Kids Belt - 1
  • Keychain Clutch large - 2
  • Keychain Clutch - 4
  • Pocket Clutch - 7
  • Kimono Baby Shoes - 3
  • Cameron Baby Shoes - 7
  • Mary Jane Baby Shoes - 5
  • Lots of Pockets Tote - 1
  • Box Pouch - 2
  • Kiddo Zipper Pouch - 13
  • Baby Hat - 5
  • Honey Cowl - 1
  • Tall Pleated Clutch - 6
  • Large Pleated Clutch - 5
  • Small Pleated Clutch - 2
  • Curly Worley Wormy Keychains - 12
  • Crochet Mushroom - 1
  • Crochet Mouse - 1
  • Crayon Roll - 4
  • Pencil Roll - 3
  • Baby Bibs - 22
  • Baby Burp Cloths - 9
  • Baby Change Clutch - 2
  • Nintendo DS Pouch - 2
  • Colouring Folio - 3
  • Fabric Tray - 1
  • Pencil Case - 3
  • Lens Cap Pouch - 3
  • Bunting - 3
  • Earphone pouch - 2
  • Captain America Costume - 1
  • Notepad Organiser - 1
  • Dummy Clip Straps - 18
  • Feeding Top - 1
  • Feeding Cover - 1
Yikes, and that  doesn't include all the things I have started and not finished.

We have declared in our household that this year is anti procrastination year!! So hopefully I won't have an unfinished list for next year.

What are your hopes for 2012?


Hello 2012

Photo of me on New Years Eve. I was a beautiful butterfly :-)

What happened to 2011? That went a bit too fast and I didn't even get to blog much. Oh well. Hopefully this year will bring more time. I'll be back with a huge, what I completed in 2011 post, but for now I'll just look back on what I wanted to achieve, sewing wise.

2010's year review post is here in case you want to go back and reminisce, but this is what I wanted to achieve:

  • Comment more on others blogs - I've been too much of a lurker, I want to change this - Wasn't too good with this, maybe this year will be better!!
  • Get more involved with quilt or sew alongs - there has been heaps I wished I have joined - I did join one but other things got in the way so its on the back burner!!
  • Complete the quilts I've started - I've completed a quilt top does that count?
  • Look into craft markets to have a stall - I want to have something original though so I need to come up with something while working out the pros and cons of having a market stall. - This I did achieve with the lovely Leah and Ditto Crafts was born.
  • Sew from my stash before shopping - my stash has got out of hand, I want to weigh what I have and maybe 1/2 it, but that also depends on how many projects I'm able to make!! - failed on this one big time!!
So there you have it. But I was looking after a baby all year too ;-)

So this year. I'll be returning to work 3 days a week soon so not putting to much pressure on myself.
  • I'll stick with the list above, not a bad list!!
  • Organise my sewing better, I've got stuff from one end of the house to the other.
  • Grow Ditto Crafts
  • Reduce my blog reader list. Not the lovely inspiring blogs but the blogs that repeat and re-blog everyone else's stuff, sorry don't have time for you.
  • Blog more, cos looking back on the past year is more for me and I have no idea how I made some stuff!!
Think that's it, besides making more time for me, keeping the house tidy, and stop procrastinating!!



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