Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mr 4s pjs

Foxy PJ's

Next off the overlocker we have Little O's PJs, complete with mismatch socks and his floating glass trick!!

It went a lot more smoothly this time. There was a lot more need to use the sewing machine for the top so I got to take mums banina for a spin, very nice. I chose a tricky pattern for my first time with this fabric but it worked out in the end! (See previous post for pattern info). 

So the decision now is, do I save up for an overlocker? I reckon I'll give it a year, if I've gone back to use mums one quite a few times then maybe I will!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another pencilcase

Pencilcase for Max
Another of Little O's friends turned 5. His name is Max, so I just had too!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First overlocker lesson

Mum's overlocker

I had my very first overlocker lesson on Monday (serger to some folks). It's been one of those things I knew I had to eventually try!! Mum didn't have one when I was growing up and learning to sew so we had work arounds. She's had this machine for quite a few years now but for some reason I've resisted. Maybe it's the scary amount of threading!!

My boys are tall and thin and it's getting harder to find clothes that fit. I used to have the problem of age appropriateness for larger sizes but now it's just they are too wide. Surly I'm not the only mum with this dilemma!!

So, I've bitten the bullet to start making them. Lucky for me they love wearing handmade. 

First attempt

So this is my first attempt!! AJ chose the fabric. I used simplicity pattern 1285. 

Simplicity pattern 1285

He was measuring a small in the waste (for 6-8 yrs) and large in length (for 14-16 yrs). He's 10, so now you understand my predicament!! I decided to just make the large this time and fiddle with sizing next time depending how they turn out. For tracky dacks they were fine around the bum. If they were meant to be fitted i would definitely make the small around the waste and legs. The length is perfect for now so he's not allowed to grow for a while!!

The lesson went well. I've mastered 2 pieces of fabric together, more than that and over seems needs to be worked on. I'm making the full PJs for Little O. I started the top. It's in a different fabric - interlock - and much easier to sew. He keeps asking if they are finished. It's going to be a long week for him until my next lesson :-). 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Skill building

The concentration!!

I'm trying to teach my boys that - rushing off to the shops and buying a new one - is not always the only or best answer. AJ wants to make a book pillow. We have a few small square pillows he could start with but the only one not currently in use has stuffing coming out. Out comes the needle and thread. He said he enjoyed it. Next up drafting a pattern and the whole design process. He's keen, just need to keep the momentum going! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crochet Ballerina Mice

Ballerina Mice for my Nieces
Ballerina Mice
There are so many projects that I have forgotten to write about. First up are the finished Ballerina Mice I made for my Nieces for Christmas. I added photos of the mice in the making but forgot all about the finished ones. Well here they are.

They were lovely to make. You can read all about the materials used on my Ravelry page. I mainly crocheted them on the train so they came together pretty quickly. They are so cute and were well received. I didn't add cheeks, I thought they were ok without them.

The pattern is Ballerina-Mouse by Mari-Liis Lille.


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