Saturday, April 27, 2013

More patterns

I just can't help myself. If I see a cute pattern I have to buy it!! Are you the same? It's nearly as bad my fabric addiction ;-). At least they are easier to store. I've been very good this year with my fabric and pattern buying, but then I found out Michelle was retiring 21 of her patterns and all in one go wrapped up in a neat little package. So I had to buy it. I already have a few but have been eyeing off most of the others!! Now I have them. So if you would like to make a quick gift for mum this mothers day these patterns are perfect. Here are some I made ages ago, you wont be able to get these patterns again and will only be available till Monday. Now I'm off to spotty to buy more fabric!! I will be constrained I promise ;-).

Camera Case Wristlet
Camera Case Wristlet
Lots of Pockets Tote - 1
Lots of pocket tote
Pleated Pouches
Pleated Pouches

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Envelope Clutch

Size 5 Secret Pocket Envelope Clutch
Size 5 Secret Pocket Envelope Clutch.
Source: Michelle Patterns on Flickr

Michelle's much awaited Envelope Clutch pattern is finally here and I've snapped it up already. When she first started writing about it on her blog I was starting to think of all the things I could use one of the clutches for. The biggest one would be to pop a gift card into then the receiver could use the clutch for whatever they liked. Then I started to think of all the things I could use one for. Business cards, excess cards, then the biggest one could fit all the stuff that floats around in my handbag, note book, medication scripts, endless. There are 5 sizes in the pattern and they are very cute. Now I need to find the time to make some!! If you would like to make some too the pattern is currently on sale here. If you do make some I'd love to see them, pop a link in the comments.

Happy Sewing


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