Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Creative Space

Lately my creative space has been all about knitting. I'm making a scarf for the hubby out of a book he gave me for our anniversary, just a small hint I think!! It's the "Men's patchwork scarf" from the book "knitting" by Hikaru Noguchi. I've ended up having to buy heaps more wool than it said in the pattern, and I chose two different types of wool which has kinda worked, it adds to the patchwork appeal! my excuse is I'm still only learning.

Man Scarf

My sewing machine has been on the blink. The top thread doesn't seem to be grabbing the bottom thread at even intervals so you get big stitches in between the right size stitches, very annoying. I've more or less taken the whole thing apart and given it a good clean, it's helped a little bit but not perfect. So unless anyone has any more suggestions as to how to fix it, it's going to be off to the doctor with it!!

It didn't help that I went to the craft show on the weekend and goggled over some very lovely machines, can't afford a new one at the mo :-(.

I'm having a weekend away with the girls this weekend so hopefully i'll have more to show next week. I did make a purse a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to take a photo before I gifted it so it'll have to wait.

For more creative spaces pop over to kootoyoo.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm off to the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild today. Hopefully I will get some sewing done and be able to show something for a change. Until then....



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