Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melbourne Craft show haul

Melbourne Craft show haul
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I went to the Quilt and Craft show on Sunday at Jeff's shed. This is what I came home with, not much I know but I needed to be restrained due to the new restrictions put on me by the hubby!!!

So I now have some fabric to go with my Once Upon a time Melly and Me bom, Baskets of Flowers Jelly role by Moda. I finally got my hands on Melly and Me's Kaleidoscope book, a small foundation piecing project, and a mix of fabric for some small projects.

It was a nice day, very crowded though, I think I liked the stitches and craft show at the show grounds better.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday WIP #1

Turtles in progress
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I know you've seen this photo before but I have decided to start a new blog thing for Sundays, Sunday WIP (works in progress for those not down with the lingo!!)

Ok, I have a few, and the hubby has said I can't buy anymore fabric until I have finished all my WIPs before they turn into UFO's (un finished objects!!)

So in no particular starting order:
  • Sgt Peppter turtles: More softies
  • Scream: More softies
  • Mr Rooster: More softies
  • Library bag for Little A: Homespun Mag
  • Crotchet Beanie: Lincraft
  • Felt Bag: Bags that rock
And on the to-do list
  • Taxi Tote: Anna Maria Horner, for Mum (fabric bought)
  • Pencil roles: Homespun Mag, for ...... (surprise) (fabric bought)
  • Summer quilt for little A (fabric not bought yet!!)
  • Pin cushion from sew mama sew for me (fabric stash)
  • Nicole Mallalieu Bag(s) for me
Think that's it. Want to add to my list? Just add a comment!!

Follow up on the copyright issue

Well the blogging world is on fire at the moment discussing copyright issues for softies, bags and the like. Amy from badskirt is putting together a list to help sort out what can and cannot be sold from patterns that you haven't designed yourself, so go here for the list. Some you cannot sell at all and others allow a small run to be made for selling at markets etc or for charity.

So now that I know some of the designers do allow on sell I wont get so grr when I see them being sold. But for the people that don't acknowledge where the design came from, grr to you.

I just hope that I have done my small bit in making people more aware of the issue and that the designers are trying to make a living. There is a fine line on some designs but when they have obviously been ripped off that is not on.

Happy making :-)


Pressy for Mother In Law

Pressy for Mother In Law
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I made this apron for my mother in law for her birthday. This picture doesn't show the straps as I sewed them on after giving it to her. So imagine the strap to be around the neck with 2.5 cm bottons convered with the orange fabric.

There were some new techniques in this pattern that I haven't use before. I have never sewn binding around a single piece of fabric. I had to unpick my first attempt as I didn't catch the material properly underneath. When sewing the apron base to the middle strap the notches didn't line up so I've had to fudge it a bit, this may have been an error on my part not the pattern but I couldn't get the pattern pieces to match up either.

I had a go at my mum's new sewing machine and thought I'd never go back to mine. It was so smooth, had things in funny places but i could get used to that!! Save up the pocket money!!

I loved the pattern on the fabric, I may just have to make something else from the left overs!!!

Full Contact Cooking Apron from Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner, Handmade by MandyMade, fabrics from Spotlight. Strap still to be sewn after fitting. Completed July 18 2009.

Drawstring Case

Drawstring Case
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Our nieces have moved away interstate and I wanted to make something for them to take with them. So I scoured all of my patterns until I found the drawstring cases in Meet Me At Mikes book.

I found that folding the denim over to sew was too thick so I kept it raw edged, I think it will be ok. I wanted to line the bags so for the red one, i just fused a piece to the back then sewed it up, this worked fine but did end up being a bit stiff. So for the orange bag I worked out I could just do normal lining and that worked fine also.

I finished them off with badges and pens and paper from smiggle.

Drawstring Case from Meet Me At Mikes by Pip Lincolne. Project by Kristen Doran, Handmade by MandyMade. Fabric from Spotlight and an old pair of jeans. Completed on July 18 2009.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pre-felted cube

Pre-felted cube
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I know it's been a while, i've been sick (winter cold), so on my sick bed I decided to knit and experiment with felting, so more to come. I've just put heaps of photos up on flickr if you want to have a peak of the past weeks before I get around to blogging again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wow what a week and it's only Tuesday!!

Christmas Birds
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Wow have I had a interesting start to this week, bit blown away really!!

Last week I email Homespun Magazine and suggested they start a Flickr group for Homespun, which I mentioned in my previous post. Well that was last week, this week they have featured my suggestion on their blog here, wow, and a few of my pics.

It doesn't end there. Last night I got home and found in the letter box a card for registered mail, I had noooo idea what it could be with all these possibilities in my head, and I couldn't pick it up until the morning. So off I go this morning to the post office, and what did I pick up? A parcel. I won a comp that I entered ages ago in Homespun, I hadn't heard so assumed I hadn't won so forgot about it, what a surprise. Thanks to Lara Cameron's blue birds I made and a few questions. Oh guess you want to know what I won. This. Melly and Me's Once Upon A Time BOM pattern. Now I have to go in search of some fabric..... What a Homespun week.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Homespun Flickr Group

Homespun Magazine now has a flickr group, you can now join and add any stuff you have created from it, I have!! Go here for the group.


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