Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our fairy garden

I had so much fun with Little O today. We decided to make a fairy garden.
Our Fairy Garden
Something on the to do list for a while so it was great to finally make one. 
Giant tea cup
We found a giant tea cup at the local garden shop. Not girly, big bonus. Little O picked most of the plants and found the water frog. There wasn't anything to buy for a fairy garden - probably a plus. We had a few succulents that needed to be replanted so didn't go overboard. We also had a few items that he'd collected on holiday recently he wanted to use. 
Succulents outgrown pot
Now all it needs is some handmade touches. Luckily I'm a champagne drinker so my cork tops came in handy. 
A finishing touch
Great project for kids to get involved in and if you're short of time. 


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