Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Stepping Stones pillow

I had known for a long time that my mother in law had a big birthday coming up. But I just couldn't think of what to make her. But in my true style of just a week to go the perfect gift popped into my head and another stepping stones pillow was whipped up!

Stepping Stones Pillow - 2

I say whipped lightly! My MIL's colour and pattern tastes are a bit different to mine which I was struggling with, so off to spotlight I went. With advise from the hubby pink and flowers had to be included, but I had the idea of sewing the boys hands on (like I did for my mum for mothers day) already and I didn't think pink hands for my boys would work!

Stepping Stones Pillow - 2 close up

Luckily spotlight had a fat quarter bundle with the perfect fabrics for me. I added a border to the centre square to add more pink into it. As I only ever use a small amount of batting at a time in my projects I usually buy a packet of it, but the one I usually get wasn't there so I'm testing out a different one. It's polyester not cotton, it has a much higher loft so the end result was a lot more puffy than I'm used to, I also tried quilting in the ditch but it's not for me. On a learning note, I ironed some of the seams the wrong way so the squares didn't quite match up. If I make this pillow again I might try ironing the seams flat and see what a difference that makes.

Stepping Stones Pillow - 2 back

The back. Another lesson learned, make sure the material is lined up at 0 not 1 when cutting!! Luckily I had some left over to patch up, can you tell?

It's amazing how different another pattern and colour scheme makes to a project. Makes me re-think a lot of quilt patterns that I have seen but been turned off by the materials used.

As I was busy making this pillow I didn't get a chance to make the extra block for the Skill Sampler, oh well, maybe I can catch up.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Skill Builder Sampler - block 3

I finished this a week ago and I'm only just getting to blog about it now. School holidays at the moment and computer time has been a bit non existent, you should see the count in my google reader! Though I have had some time to sew and as soon as I get some good light to photograph what I've made, then I'll be back again.

This block appeared to be so easy but ended up smaller than the other 2. I think I will be sashing each of the blocks to make them even in the end. My 1/4 inch foot just isn't so I need to be really careful. I guess that's what this skill builder is all about. I ended up doing the trim method for the HST's which I'm glad I did cos there wasn't much to trim. The next challenge is to design my own block which is going to be hard, there is only so many ways you can do it! I'm trying really hard not to go to the flickr group to see what everyone else is doing so I don't copy, don't think I'll last!



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