Friday, September 28, 2012

The idea pouch

Idea Pouch
Source: Michelle Patterns on Flickr
Michelle has a new pattern. The idea pouch. Cool name. I made myself an iPad pouch a while ago (and I just realised I didn't blog about it here!! You can go to my other blog though). It has a pocket in the front I can put pens into but they are just swimming around in there. This idea to have pen pouches seems a lot more sturdy and things will stay in place for easy reach. I still love my cover, but I may make this one as a spare if its all I'm taking with me. Love the closure too. The pattern is on sale at the moment so better pop over and get it.

Idea Pouch Inside
Source: Michelle Patterns on Flickr

Monday, September 10, 2012

Open Wide Pouches

Open Wide Pouches, originally uploaded by MandyMade.

I needed a toiletries bag for work and noodlehead had just blogged about some open wide pouches she'd made. So I made some too. Using hers as inspiration and changing things slightly (I have to fiddle!). Now I have a large toiletries bag for work, a smaller one for girls weekends and a makeup pouch. I think the smaller one needs some work, I don't like how angled it is at the sides, that will teach me for fiddling!! I used ikea fabric, it's a good weight, I didn't need to interface. I want to make some with the laminated fabric inside. I'm on a no fabric buying month so it will have to be another time!! They look kind of Dr Seuss don't they?!


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