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Hello there, thank you for stopping by.

I'm a wife, mother of 2 boys and crafter. People often ask me how I do it all, I usually answer, I don't, it's always the house work that suffers!! I'm back at my "job" full time so don't have much time to craft but have too many crafty ideas buzzing around my head.

I love to make stuff, that's pretty much it. I've always had my hands in some craft or other since I was little. I had a very long stint of cross stitch for a while and maybe one day I'll tell you about it, but it all seemed to stop when my first son was born, who has time to cross stitch when you have a little someone in your life? I still needed something to keep my hands busy though in the moments I had free from changing nappies, cleaning clothes and feeding. So I all of a sudden became obsessed with scrapbooking. I don't know what it is with that craft but it sucks you in, you buy heaps of stuff, but it wasn't for me, I made a few pages and maybe one day I will go back to it again but well what can I say, I was introduced to the book "Softies" by a close crafty friend, I was hooked. I think the hubby may have rolled his eyes as if to say, not again!! I made my first softie and somehow knew that this was what I was going to stick to and decided to start a blog to record all the things I made. I had no intention to reach any kind of audience or had no idea of the friends I would make from it, I just wanted to keep a record. The rest is, well, blogged, so have a poke around, let me know what you think and hopefully I will inspire others to start making stuff.

Mandy :-)

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