Monday, October 31, 2011

Productive Sewing Day

I've had a few of these of late, yay. But this one was filled with making stuff up. Little A had a party on Saturday and I had been told that the birthday girl had been given a Nintendo DS. So I decided to make a pouch for it. I pushed the poor new "quilting" sewing machine to it's limits with this one. Very thick seems, need to save up for an industrial machine, would this help?

Nintendo DS Pouch - front
Nintendo DS Pouch - Front
As we don't have a DS (trying to resist for as long as we can) I had no idea of the size etc, so to google I went. I found a few tutorials but decided on this one.

Nintendo DS Pouch - inside
Nintendo DS Pouch - Inside
I also added a back pocket and a wrist strap. It ended up being very small I thought but apparently it is a snug fit. Yay, I'll be making more of these, but next time I might try slightly bigger.

Nintendo DS Pouch - back
Nintendo DS Pouch - back
The birthday girls little sister had a birthday close to when Little O was born, so she unfortunately missed out on getting something Mandy Made. So I decided that a 1/2 birthday present might be nice.

I had seen this crayon and colouring book on pinterest but unfortunately the link didn't end up sending me to the designer, so using this as inspiration I created my own. (If you do know who made this please let me know.)

Crayon Folio - front
Crayon Folio - Front
   I'd bought this fabric, back in March I think, for a gift for her so I finally got to use it.

Crayon Folio - back
Crayon Folio - Back
  I want more but I don't think you can still get it.

Crayon Folio - inside
Crayon Folio - inside
I'm already re-designing/improving this design in my head. I'll be making some of these for an order I have through Ditto Crafts.

By the way, the 2 pockets matching up fabric was a complete coincidence, couldn't have done that if I'd tried!!

Off to the drawing board for some more crayon folios.


Edit: I found the original pattern for the picture shown above from pinterest, it can be found here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Gift Set

Baby Gift Set, originally uploaded by MandyMade.

Poor neglected little blog. I haven't forgotten about you. The sewing machine has been getting a lot more attention than you lately but you have still been on my mind. I've been making heaps over the past couple of weeks, heaps of bibs, burp cloths and dummy straps. After we had the stall at our school fete we were approached by another school to have a stall at theirs. So we decided to add a few more items to our stock, yes we have stock now!! The market part of the fete wasn't in the best position, not much foot traffic. Oh well, we live and learn.

Have you sold at markets? Which ones tend to be the best?

Off to clean the very neglected house now, spring is nearly over, gotta get the spring cleaning done!


PS. Bag pattern by Keyka Lou , shoe pattern by ithinksew, bib, burp cloth, change mat and dummy strap all made up by me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crayon Roll

A couple of weeks ago I needed to make a gift, and quick. My first thought for the gift just wasn't working so I had to go to plan B. I had a few rectangles of fabric already cut out for another project (that just wasn't happening) so the crayon roll was born.

Crayon Roll - inside

I just made it up on the spot, ie no pattern. I'd made similar rolls before, so I thought it wouldn't be too hard!

Crayon Roll - outside
Well it wasn't hard, but with School holidays and both boys demanding my attention, what should have taken 1/2 hour took about 3. I also should have bought the crayons before sewing the lines. I had big fat crayons in mind. The idea of the flap and the top was so the crayons don't fall out, it either needed to be longer or the roll not as tall. You live and learn.

Crayon Roll
All rolled up
A nice neat package.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More hats

We're back in the school swing again trying to get back into our normal routine. Daylight saving hasn't helped. I'm happy to say that a week away from the computer did wonders. No desire to read the 1000+ blog posts in my reader and nothing too important in my inbox, nice. I got some amigurami half made, I'll take some pics soon.

Before I left on holidays I did get 2 more hats made. Loving Nikki's pattern. This time I made them reversible and out of cotton. I found the cotton less forgiving, love working with felt!

This one I was asked to make through my new venture Ditto Crafts. It was my first commission. I originally cut the darker grey fabric that was eventually used on the space hat below. It was too dark with the robots and I had the space fabric which it matched perfectly. So another new hat for Little O! Little A is very jealous and wants one of his own. Luckily I have Nikki's kids hat pattern so that will be whipped up soon!!!

Baby's Hat - reversible #3
Baby's Hat from You Sew, Girl by Nicole Mallalieu.
Baby's Hat - reversible #2
Baby's Hat from You Sew, Girl by Nicole Mallalieu.
Lots of sewing to be done in the next few weeks, I have another market, yay.



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