Monday, April 18, 2016

Making of a different kind

Little O is fascinated with how the water droplet stays

I'm not known for my green thumb. In fact black thumb is a better description!! Then I discovered succulents, and not of the crochet variety. One plant type that doesn't seem to curl up and die when it sees me coming. So it would have been quite a shock to some to see me pottering around the garden on the weekend.

Teapot planter

I bought these succulents a few months back with grand ideas for a succulent garden. Well they just sat in their pots, not dying. Then a few weeks ago we went camping and discovered our kettles lid was unusable, like another in our shed, so brain wave!! Re-purposed into flower pots. It was a nice relaxing afternoon and I hope to do more of it. 

What I aspire too

This is a mini garden my green thumb sister made me. Still going strong 😀. 

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