Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yikes its all too much

All this social media thingy. It's doing my head in. I just found out that google are stopping google friend connect, I know it's been out there for a while, I've been busy ok? So I've set up a google+ page so people can connect with me that way. Then I was thinking is that the best way to get my feeds now? Soooo confused.

So if you are interested, I've set up a few links on my sidebar. You can now get my feeds through Facebook, through any rss reader you like (not that I'm happy with google reader at the mo but that's another story), via email, and when I get the button to work, through google+ (I've just spent an hour trying to get it on here), oh and I'm on pinterest too, that's on the right.

So this is my google+ link for Mandy Made. And I have attempted to include the button, lets see if it eventually appears!!

How are you going with all the social media these days? As confused as I am? I just want to write my blog in one spot then everything else gets the feed without me doing anything else. Is that possible?

And I wish they would stop changing things, I get used to how it all works and looks then they go and change everything. Maybe I'm just getting too old he he. The 37 grumps have hit me!!

A box of birthday tea
Cup of tea anyone?

Does anyone even read my blog? The stats say that people come here but I'm not feeling the love with any comments. Oh well. Back to my corner of the blogesphere!

Hopefully I'll be back with some crafting soon, been soooo busy.


Edit: Sorry I didn't want to sound like I was desperate for comments! I was just a bit frustrated and wanted to know I was going to an effort for a reason. There is little time for sewing as it is ;-)


  1. I think you need to have a cup of tea and relax! Lol...I read and I know how you feel! Lost my blogging mojo, ages ago....don't think it's coming back either......really one less think for me to do!

  2. I'm reading :-)

    I think commenting may be dropping off due to all the people now reading blogs on their smart phones, where it is just a little trickier to comment.

    My comments have really dropped off too.

  3. I'm not sure about this friend connect thing. Is it different to followers? Is it something I am using, or people are using to follow me? How can I tell? I changed it so my about me is linked to my Google+ page, but what about the people who aren't on Google+, are they still going to be able to follow me? So confusing. I just want to be able to blog without having to worry about all that sort of crap... it's hard enough as it is.

    The word verification thing has recently changed, and some of them are really tricky to read. If I get it wrong more than once I give up in frustration. So if you can turn that off it may make a difference. That might be one reason why the comments have dropped off, though I do thing the smart phone thing may have somethink to do with it also.

  4. I read your blog!

    I wonder the same about mine occasionally, especially since I don't really understand the social media stuff either. I just have my blog and figure people work out their own ways of reading it. Not a very good attitude i'm sure but it's all so confusing!

    I read all of mine through google reader through the rss/atom feeds


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