Friday, April 13, 2012

Finished already

I finished my weekly goal already. Nothing like Little O sleeping for 3 hours, I got some sewing done!
Zip Pouches
Zip Pouches
You can see here I'm playing along with Keyka Lou's goal of the week challenge and that I wanted to make her zip pouches in all 3 sizes. I've had the pattern a little while and have been hanging out to make them. I cut the fabric out last week then sewed them up yesterday.
Zip Pouches
Inside the small Zip Pouch
I was hoping the medium one would be big enough to fit the families prescriptions in so they wouldn't be floating around in my bag, but it's not quite tall enough. I think I'll try making another with the width of the medium but the height of the tall, I can do that, surely. The small one is perfect for excess cards so my purse isn't so fat. The tall one doesn't quite fit my phone but I think it would fall out too easily when its opened up anyway. I'd like to make some for our next market. I think the small would be the best seller, what do you think?

Now onto a different topic. You may have noticed a difference in the 2 photos, or not. I'm very grumpy with flickr and picnic at the moment. Picnic for closing and flickr for picking such a bad replacement. I did my best with aviary, the replacement, but it doesn't have the 2 tools I rely on for my "look", rounded edges and the text I used for my watermark. You can only do rounded edges if you also use a filter, the there is only 1 font for text, so I'm grumpy. The bottom photo I tried using a free download on the iPad, pixlromatic. It does the rounded edges, but not much else. Maybe I'll try combining the two or actually start using photoshop!

Have you finished your weekly goal?


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  1. Have you tried PicMonkey to edit your photos? It's run by former Picnik employees. Great job on the pouches! I've made a few myself! :)


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