Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pencil case for work

Pencil Pouch

I've been meaning to make a pouch or notebook cover for ages to help me cart around my "stuff" to meetings but never get around to it. But the other day while trawling through my Pinterest feed I came across a really quick to make pouch. 

It was unfortunately one of those pins that doesn't have the correct link (if I find it I'll post it otherwise go to my Pinterest feed). But it did have all the step by step in one image. So when I got home from work I whipped it up. I also added a lining  and covered the ends. I'm not a fan of raw edges!! I used 2 10" squares and a 9" zipper. 

Pencil pouch

It's cute, gets the job done and took under half hour to make. Winner. 

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